Fire Up Your Business Challenge

The Fire Up Your Business Challenge is a 5 week challenge over which we take a closer look at the business and lifestyle you want to create.  

We all have incredibly busy lives and this challenge is about building businesses that fit in with our lives, not the other way around.  

You will have weekly workbooks and pdfs to fire you up and start taking action, weekly live group Q&A sessions with me, a Facebook group support network where you can share, ask questions and have accountability during the challenge.  

Who is this for?  

  • Anyone with a burning idea looking to turn it into a business 
  • People looking to kick start their business  
  • Professionals who want to review their business and make it stronger and more sustainable  

This isn’t for you if:  

  • You don’t want clarity on your vision and goals 
  • You don’t want to get your market research right 
  • You don’t want to nail your niche 
  • You don’t want to know what to do before you launch a new business, product or service 
  • You don’t want clients  
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